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The ICS Learn Group comprises three independent brands offering globally recognised CIPD qualifications in human resources and learning & development.

By combining our collective knowledge and talent, we aim to deliver an unrivalled experience for students starting or advancing their careers by providing greater choice and value in how they choose to study.

Together, we've helped thousands of professionals and organisations across the world develop the skills they need to succeed.

About ICS Learn

ICS Learn is the world's most experienced online learning provider, having been a pioneer in professional distance learning for 130 years and a leading CIPD provider for 30 years.

As well as On Demand and Live Online study options for CIPD HR and L&D courses, ICS Learn offers a diverse selection of online qualifications including IT, finance, management and procurement.

Their range of courses are trusted by more than 21,000 current students across 100+ countries, including major organisations such as Marriott, Sony, and the Gulf Monetary Council, and aim to make learning simple, flexible and affordable for anyone looking to advance their career and enhance their organisation.

Why choose ICS Learn?

  • 100% online courses
  • Rated 'Excellent' from 10,000+ Trustpilot reviews
  • 93% CIPD pass rate
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About Acacia

For more than a decade, Acacia Learning has been delivering the highest quality CIPD and business training programmes available - courses that make a real difference to learners and employers alike.

They focus on giving students the skills to transform their workplace and forge the future of HR, L&D and business management.

Acacia Learning's premium qualifications are also trusted by professionals and organisations across the UK and Middle East, including reputable companies such as DP World and Saudi Aramco.

Why choose Acacia?

  • Face-to-face and Live Online CIPD classrooms
  • Live Online and 100% online business management courses
  • Recommended by 97% of students
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About DPG

DPG have been a leading distance learning provider for 30 years, helping over 25,000 professionals and countless organisations, including Shell and the UK Government, to develop their HR, L&D and leadership skills.

Their no-nonsense CIPD and business management programmes are not only simple and cost-effective but a great way to upgrade your developing career and contribute to a better future for your company.

Why choose DPG?

  • Blended and online courses
  • Recommended by 96% of students
  • 96% CIPD pass rate
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